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Papoutsaki, Laskey, Huang Advance Eye Tracking Through Webcam, Browser-Based Democratization

WebGazer.js has already received significant attention on Reddit and Hacker News. Click either of the previous links to share the story and take part in the discussion.

In an age where technological advancements have made extremely high levels of responsiveness, interactivity, and customization almost omnipresent, eye tracking (using a device to measure eye position ...

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Andrew Crotty Wins A Google PhD Fellowship

Andrew Crotty of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) has just received a Google PhD Fellowship for his research in data management, particularly the design of big data analytics systems. His current work focuses on developing a new high-performance analytics platform, Tupleware, which is geared toward complex computations like machine learning.

The ...

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TAG (Touch Art Gallery): Student And Community Education With A Worldwide Impact

by Rosemary Simpson

To see the many photos that accompany this article, please click here and scroll to page nine.

Created by a group of undergraduate researchers in the Graphics Lab working under the direction of Professor Andy van Dam, Touch Art Gallery (TAG) is a Windows 8/8.1 and Web application that allows ...

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TStaff Successfully Completes A File System Hardware Transfer

To the layperson, for whom technical details are often omitted, or the denizen of the corporate world, for whom unrealistic optimism is the order of the day, the message from Director of Information Technology Mark Dieterich was remarkable for its candor:

"In just under two weeks, TStaff will be physically moving our GPFS file system ...

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Brown Medicine Reports The Yurt To Be Part Of

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"At first," Phoebe Hall writes for Brown Medicine, "the images on the oversized computer monitors where Scott Collins, RT(R)(CT), and Derek Merck, PhD, tap away seem as unremarkable as the surroundings: blurry, black-and-white diagnostic scans that only a scientist ...

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Brown CS student Youn Kim will be joining MIT’s graduate program as a member of the Society of Presidential Fellows. This prestigious program recruits the most outstanding students worldwide to pursue graduate studies at the Institute.

Youn found the interdisciplinary nature of Brown’s CS program to be essential in helping him find his ...

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The White House Cites Bootstrap's Contributions To Maryland's Successful

A recent post on the White House's blog mentions the Charles County (Maryland) Public School District, and their efforts to provide computer science education to all students. One of the key elements of this program is Bootstrap, a computer science literacy curriculum used by 10,000 students in 17 states and five countries whose ...

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A Brown University Undergraduate Uses The Yurt To More Intuitively Visualize Developmental Biology

For more CS News and CS Blog articles about the Yurt, please click here.

Accelerating into its second year of operation, the YURT (Brown University's latest 3D virtual reality environment) is adding another entry to the list of fields that have benefited from its capabilities: embryonic developmental biology. Rhode Island NSF EPSCoR, a local ...

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The Virtual Student: Lee-Sien Kao, John Hughes, And CSCI 0170

This is the story of a student who went to new lengths to include computer science in her education, or a professor who was eager to try different instructional methods, or a field that rewards continuous investigation into the ways that computation can benefit any type of career. Or maybe all three at once.

One ...

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GeekWire Reviews James MacGlashan And Michael Littman's Work With Training Virtual Agents Like Dogs

As use of robots becomes widespread, the day is quickly approaching when the average owner, faced with the task of training a robot, may possess little or no programming ability. A team of researchers, including Research Scientist James MacGlashan and Professor Michael Littman of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS), have proposed ...

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