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pr2.jpgPR2 Kuma

The Brown Bears Robotics Team has been selected for the annual RoboCup@Home robotics competition.  The Bears consists of graduate and undergraduate students working with Professor Chad Jenkins, along with Kuma (the PR2 robot) from the Brown Robotics Lab.  This year's RoboCup competition will be held in Brazil in July, just after the World Cup tournament.  The "Brown Bears" will compete with 15 other teams from across the globe on robots capable of working in human environments, and more broadly towards advancing the state of the art.

This year's challenge involves a robot performing domestic tasks like recognizing and following a person, understanding their verbal instructions, and carrying food items in a shopping environment. Some of the basic modules were kick started this past Fall as part of a project for CS195E, the Human-Robot Interaction seminar course. Students continue to work on these modules and the updates are available at http://brown-university-robocup-at-home.github.io/ . Motivated students interested in potential collaborations are invited to browse our ongoing efforts.

The current members are Karthik Desingh, Jun Ki Lee, Zhiqiang Sui, Lingzhu Xiang, Scott Kidd, Matthew Wong and Sukhyun Jun.  Thanks to Kurt Spindler and Kathleen Lister from CS195E.