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Timothy Edgar Comments On The Search For Better Privacy Technology In The Wall Street Journal

Timothy Edgar, a Visiting Fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies, has just written an article (“One Year After First Snowden Report, Search for Better Privacy Tech Continues”) published today in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal (subscription required).

Formerly the first director of privacy and civil liberties for the White House National Security staff, Tim uses the piece to addresses the current “universally poor” state of cybersecurity and the burst of innovation that has followed Edward Snowden’s revelations of one year ago. “The nation’s top cybersecurity official and its most wanted hacker,” he writes, “are saying the same thing – people need these kinds of easy tools to empower them to protect their own privacy. These tools should require no special technical expertise and must let people use the Internet the way they do now.”

Reached for comment, Tim explains, “I wrote this piece because I think the new cybersecurity industry is simply fascinating and there are terrific opportunities there, including for Brown students. The boom in cybersecurity companies was well underway prior to Snowden's emergence last year, as so many enterprises were frantic to do something to thwart malicious activities. The newest trend, however, are companies that are looking to give simple tools to the ordinary user, and there has been a flowering of investment in such companies over the past year.”