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Jenkins, Van Dam Featured In

“Our job is essentially to build things, to build knowledge, to create ideas, even crazy ideas,” says Brown CS Professor Chad Jenkins, “and put them out there so that others can build.” 

As a contribution to Brown University’s 250th Anniversary celebrations, Professor Richard Fishman has interviewed a dozen faculty members as part of the Creative Mind Initiative (CMI), a program to develop innovative strategies for creative thinking.  CMI explores the creative process and integrates it across disciplines as well as between students and faculty.

Professor Andy van Dam and Jenkins were chosen from Brown CS to reflect on their creative process and explore how the institutional culture at Brown nurtures creative teaching and research.  The results are a fascinating glimpse into the workings of two inquiring minds and a reminder of the commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue, pioneering curriculum, and empowered undergraduates that tie Brown CS to the university at large.

You can watch both videos as well as contributions from the ten other professors here.