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Brown Alumni Magazine Features David Blei '97

by Michael McLaughlin

(reprinted with permission from Brown Alumni Magazine)

You can thank David Blei ’97 for all those personalized suggestions of things to buy that pop up on your screen whenever you’re online. In fact, the easiest way for this Columbia University computer science and statistics professor to explain his field of expertise ...

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Brown CS Brings An Hour Of Code To 130+ Kids

Community outreach connects Brown CS students to the Providence area. For more articles on how Brown CS students inspire and lead members of the greater Providence community click here.

For the second year in a row, Brown Computer Science brought an Hour of Code to Providence students at Nathan Bishop Middle School.  Hour of Code ...

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Professor Valerie Barr of Union College has just followed up her inaugural lecture for the Brown CS Diversity Series (“The Toy Aisle Still Matters: The State Of Women In Computing”) with two blog posts based on her presentation.  They’re available here and here.  Professor Barr, thank you for laying a strong foundation for this ...

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