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Learn Python, 6:30-7:30 PM on November 2

Waiting at Faunce Arch to meet up with friends, sitting under a tree on Main Green, she's put it in her Calendar app and erased it a dozen times.

Learn Python, 6:30-7:30 PM on November 2

She knows that just last week, Brown students, faculty, and staff went to an international conference to show support for women in computing. She knows that Brown CS has multiple paths into the field, and enrollment in introductory courses is at a record high.

But the what-ifs are there, even if she's been told otherwise, even if she knows it's not the way things will be: 

What if there's a lot of terminology I don't understand?

What if everyone else turns out to be a CS concentrator?

What if they find out I've never programmed before?

"Whatever," says President Christina Paxson, and she decides to turn up and learn Python.

Please join Hack@Brown in MacMillan 117 from 6:30-7:30 PM on November 2 for "Python with Paxson" and learn one of the most powerful and popular tools for beginning programmers.  Everyone's welcome, regardless of experience or background -- come out and see what Python can do for your studies, career, or just for fun.

"We want to emphasize," says Alex Karim, leader of Hack@Brown's Workshops team, "that programming is for everyone interested in learning. We hope that 'Python with Paxson' will set a positive precedent among students and inspire them to explore programming topics."