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At Brown CS, we pride ourselves on the valuable work that our alums do and their interest in sharing their discoveries and insights with other members of our community. We're happy to hear from our alums Ardra Hren, Alex Kleiman, and Adam Leventhal, who are at Delphix, a company that helps provide "Data as a Service" so leading organizations are able to release applications faster, enable continuous integration and delivery, and migrate applications to the cloud at a lower cost and risk.

We like the fact that our alums at Delphix are being reflective about their work and our discipline by blogging. They explore topics including choosing your first full-time job, navigating the workplace, and minorities in computer science. These posts may be useful to students as they go out into the world:

“Choosing a first job” by Alex Kleiman

“Brave New World (of Java)” by Ardra Hren

“Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women” by Adam Leventhal