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John Savage Delivers Remarks On

Days after a trip to Vietnam, where he discussed building cyber resilience to protect scientific development with the President of Vietnam and the country's cybersecurity experts, Professor John Savage of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) has traveled to Wuzhen, China, where he spoke at at the "Forum on Global Governance in ...

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Undergraduate Researcher Profile: Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli

by Luke Camery and Chloe Kliman-Silver

Danaë Metaxa-Kakavouli is a second year graduate student at Stanford University in the Human Computer Interaction lab. She graduated Brown University in 2015 with a BA in Computer Science and a BA in Science, Technology, and Society. During her time at Brown, she worked with Jeff Huang in the ...

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Seny Kamara Discusses His Role On A New NAS Committee

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Officer, Physical Sciences)

Privacy advocates see the increasing use of encryption to protect online communications from hackers and unlawful surveillance as an unequivocally good thing. But it raises concerns among law enforcement and intelligence agencies that they might not be able to access information even when they have the legal ...

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Brown CS Researchers Are Developing A New Interactive Sleep App

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Officer, Physical Sciences)

There are plenty of cellphone apps on the market designed to help people monitor their sleep patterns. The apps generally record data on when people go to bed and when they wake, and many use the device’s microphone and accelerometer to take note of noises in ...

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Celebrating The 25th Anniversary Of Barbara Meier's Groundbreaking Use Of Morphing

Twenty-five years later, the video for Michael Jackson's "Black or White" evokes powerful nostalgia. Now made poignant by the singer's untimely death, the directness and optimism of the lyrics is characteristic of an early-1990's America that had seen the toppling of the Berlin Wall just two years before: "I said if you ...

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Brown CS Student Tiffany Chen Is Named A Changemaker Fellow

Tiffany Chen, a Brown CS undergraduate student, has just been named a Changemaker Fellow by Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG) in Providence, RI. She was honored at a ceremony held on October 5, 2016, at SEG’s co-working space, the SEG Hub, along with nine other recipients of the Changemaker Fellowship.

The Changemaker Fellowship is a ...

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Our Inaugural Research Open House Attracts Over 100 Undergraduates

by Luke Camery, Meta-URA

The inaugural Brown CS Research Open House brought together eleven faculty members and over one hundred undergrads to demo projects, discuss the latest research innovations, and form partnerships that will shape their careers. Students flooded the Robotics Lab to start the evening's journey that would take them through every floor ...

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Esha Ghosh And Tarik Moataz Have Been Chosen For The 2017 IEEE Security And Privacy Student Program Committee

As our doctoral students develop expertise and establish themselves in their research areas, a significant marker of achievement is to be invited to review papers for leading conferences. A premier forum for computer security and electronic privacy, the 38th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S+P), will be held from May 22-24, 2017 ...

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Tim Edgar Talks With TIME About The Recent Widespread Internet Infrastructure Attacks

The recent distributed denial-of-service attacks that affected some of the most popular web sites in America was remarkable not just for its scope (Reddit, Netflix, Twitter, and many other sites were brought down) but for its methodology. The ploy used malicious code to exploit millions of Internet-enabled cameras and DVR players, turning the "Internet of ...

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800px-Providence-first_impression.jpg For more stories on why we love calling Providence home, check out our Praise for Providence page here.

Providence’s Oberlin restaurant is one of the top ten best new restaurants in America according to Bon Appetit. Chef Benjamin Sukle and his wife Heidi opened the restaurant in January of 2016 at 186 Union Street ...

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