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Jonathan Mace Receives A Facebook Graduate Fellowship

"When things go wrong in today’s systems," writes Brown CS PhD student Jonathan Mace, "it can be difficult to answer questions about causes of failures, uncover dependencies between components, or understand performance or resource usage." Very few things are going wrong for Jonathan at the moment, nor is his recent performance difficult to understand ...

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At Brown CS, we pride ourselves on the valuable work that our alums do and their interest in sharing their discoveries and insights with other members of our community. We're happy to hear from our alums Ardra Hren, Alex Kleiman, and Adam Leventhal, who are at Delphix, a company that helps provide "Data as ...

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NYT Ranks Providence With Global Peers As A

For more stories on why we love calling Providence home, check out our Praise for Providence page here.

Rising cinematically in glory beside the Brihadeeswarar Temple of Thanjavur, Barcelona's Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, and the Kansai ryokans: the Carrie Tower, the Independent Man, and the Big Blue Bug? After ranking Providence with global ...

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