Designing Humanity Centered Robots At The Intersection Of Art, Design, And Engineering In CSCI 1951C


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    What if your plants could become "unplanted" and autonomously roam around a room, offering new configurations to the space? What if you could hold a scrolling digital sign up high in your hand at a demonstration, amplifying your message for justice? What if you could give someone a hug from the other side of the world? These are just some of the questions that students in CSCI 1951C Designing Humanity Centered Robots have asked as they designed and built their prototypes, all of which explore our ever-evolving relationship to technology.

    Ian Gonsher is Assistant Professor of the Practice of Engineering and Computer Science at Brown University, and his course asks students to cultivate these kinds of questions, which they then translate into working prototypes. Students work collaboratively and iteratively to develop design projects over the semester, while also nurturing their own individual approach to the creative process.

    "The class," Ian says, "has really provided a wonderful space to bring together students from different backgrounds – Brown and RISD, CS and Engineering, grad students and undergrads – all working together to design and prototype projects that explore all kinds of interesting questions at the intersection of art, design, and engineering."

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    • look at class documentation (this includes a final Medium report, photos and video)
    • watch a video of an early project that establishes a foundation for designing with microcontrollers
    • explore a few projects (BotanyBotSigns of Change, and HeartBeat)
    • read a News from Brown story of Designing Humanity Centered Robots alum and Brown/RISD Dual Degree student, Kate Reed, who is pursuing summer projects in biomimetic design

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