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East Side Monthly Recognizes Gryte Satas's Efforts In Closing The Gender Gap

In the "Smart News in East Side Education" section of their latest issue, East Side Monthly recognized PhD candidate Gryte Satas for her leadership with the local chapter of Girls Who Code, a national organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology and engineering by equipping girls with skills and resources to pursue opportunities ...

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Brown CS Supports Brown's First Feminist Conference For RI High School Students

Community outreach connects Brown CS students to the Providence area. For more articles on how Brown CS students inspire and lead members of the greater Providence community click here.

Brown CS is proud to lend financial support to the FLAME Conference, Brown's first feminist conference for Rhode Island high school students.

FLAME will take ...

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Multistakeholder Governance For The Global Internet

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Officer, Physical Sciences)

It’s taken just a few decades for the Internet to sweep the globe as an economic, cultural, and political force. The question now is how and by whom should this border-spanning technology be governed. John Savage, professor of computer science at Brown University, addressed the issue ...

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Demanding Better Data Privacy: Anna Lysyanskaya's Providence Journal Editorial

"I can tell you that protecting your privacy is possible and does not require giving up even a little bit of the convenience we have learned to enjoy." From her unique perspective as computer scientist and cryptography researcher, Professor Anna Lysyanskaya of Brown University's Department of Computer Science uses an editorial in today's ...

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CSCI1951-C: Computer Scientists, Designers, Engineers Join Forces To Help The Elderly Live More Independently (Video Below)

As part of the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative, Michael Littman of Brown Computer Science and Ian Gonsher of the School of Engineering created a new class last semester in which computer scientists teamed up with designers and engineers to explore possible ways people can interact with robots in the near future. They focused on telepresence ...

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The Providence Journal Reports On

Brown CS students continue to distinguish themselves at hackathons nationwide. To read more on this topic, click here.

"It's just about building and doing something you love with people who are supportive and want you to succeed," says Hack@Brown contributor Ricky Medina. He and others were interviewed by the Providence Journal, which covered ...

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CS015: A Reflection

by Emma Catlin

There's a lot of talk about how introductory classes discourage minorities, and making classes more "friendly" to those with little prior experience in coding is trending at universities. In one of Brown's introductory computer science classes, CS015, I think a successful effort has been made to encourage women to continue ...

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Outstanding Student Work, 2014: Flick, By Gabriel Fernandez

As a department, how do we evaluate our success? Continued innovation from our students means that we've aimed courses at the field's best opportunities, then taught them with real devotion to our craft. Together, that enables students to produce work that advances the state of the art.

In this series, we'll showcase ...

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BDH Recommends John Savage's CSCI 1800 As A

In an editorial outlining the need for "academic priority" to be placed on cybersecurity, the Brown Daily Herald recommends John Savage's CSCI 1800 ("Cybersecurity and International Relations") as "a paradigm in an expanded selection of courses offered by the University to address the complex and far-reaching nature of the issue more sufficiently".

The full ...

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Gryte Satas Creates Opportunities For Girls To Code

Described as “a role model” by her new colleagues at Providence, Rhode Island’s Rochambeau Library, Gryte Satas, a PhD candidate at Brown University’s Department of Computer Science, has just made a unique contribution to her community. She’s leading a new Girls Who Code Club, designed to provide young women with computer science ...

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