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Money Magazine Names T.F. Green America's Sixth Best Airport

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If you're thinking about settling down in Providence or just paying us a visit, consider the fact that if you're flying in to T.F. Green Airport, you'll arrive on schedule 82.35% of the time ...

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Providence Will Be Shiru Cafe's First US Location

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Providence is Shiru Cafe's first US location. As noted on their website, the international chain has opened on the Brown University campus ahead of Amherst College, Harvard University, Princeton University, and Yale University, which will follow. Shiru is ...

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Brown CS Students Advance To The Second Round Of The Cyber 9/12 Competition

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On March 16 and 17, teams Brown University Secure 1 (BUS 1, composed of undergraduates Andrea Bennett, Clarissa Clem, Tristan Falk-LeFay, and Edward Li) and Brown University Secure 2 (BUS ...

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Providence Has Been Named America's Fourth Quirkiest City

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There's a reason why you see "Keep Providence Eldritch" t-shirts around here. Citing our unorthodox founder, inventive puppetry, marching bands, and inimitable foodstuffs, Travel and Leisure has just named Providence the fourth quirkiest city in America.

You can ...

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PureWow Offers A Guide To Providence As

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"It may be a fraction of the size of NYC," says PureWow, "but the Ocean State’s creative capital packs a major punch in the culinary and cultural departments." Noting Providence's proximity to New York City, they offer ...

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Building News4Good: A First Take At Software Engineering For Four Undergrads

by Rachel Markell and Elaine Jiang

As college students living in a fast-paced society, we’re expected to stay informed about what’s going on in the world. And for the most part, we do. And while, sure, sometimes we join a protest or participate in a heated discussion on Facebook, for the most part ...

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igniteCS @ Brown

by Natalie Reed and Eric Rosen

As President Obama has said, “Computers are going to be a big part of our future…and that future is yours to shape.” Technology is one of the fastest-growing fields today, solving problems in every industry while impacting our everyday lives. Despite this, computer science is not yet adequately ...

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Seeing Theory: Teaching Statistics Through Interactive Web-Based Visualizations

by Daniel Kunin

I was holding TA hours for an introductory CS course when one of my fellow TAs told me that my website, Seeing Theory, had crashed. He’d seen a post on the Brown CS Facebook group about the statistics-teaching platform that I’d been developing for nearly a year, but the link ...

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Artemis Project Alum Nirva LaFortune Advocates For Her Community On The Providence City Council

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More than two decades ago, two undergraduate women at Brown CS, Laurie Kardos and Jesse Marmon, founded The Artemis Project, a free, five-week summer program for rising ninth-grade girls. Their goal was to enhance the self-confidence ...

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Alum Adventures: Andrew Ayer Keeps Certificate Authorities Honest With Certificate Transparency

by Andrew Ayer

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Andrew Ayer graduated from Brown in 2012 with an ScM and ScB in Computer Science. He focused his CS studies on systems and architecture, taking courses such as CS 168 and ...