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MIT Technology Review, Smithsonian, And Others Cover The Tellex Lab's Minecraft AI Project

Recent work by PhD candidate David Abel, Professor Stefanie Tellex, and other members of the Tellex lab has attracted recent attention from such media outlets as MIT Technology Review, Smithsonian SmartNews, Big Think, and Business Insider. Their algorithm (originally described here on CS News) uses the video game Minecraft to help robots better plan their ...

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VRFocus Praises The Yurt's

For more CS News and CS Blog articles about the Yurt, please click here.

Biology, math, computer science, archaeology, astronomy, art, poetry, and video gaming are just some of the areas that Peter Graham of VRFocus sees the Yurt (Brown University's new fully immersive 3D virtual reality environment) benefiting with its "boundless" uses. He ...

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John Hughes Delivers An Invited Lecture At The Collège De France

In addition to advancing the field at a local and national level, Brown CS community members have a global impact on education and research. For more articles on Brown CS around the world click here.

There are plants that bloom once a century, and sometimes the right city --this time the one called La Ville ...

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GQ Raves About Providence:

For more stories on why we love calling Providence home, check out our Praise for Providence page here.

Continuing a multi-year trend, rave reviews of Providence continue to roll in. This time, GQ cites Brown as one of three contributors to an "intimidatingly smart" city, waxing lyrical on the subjects of food, caffeine, and Lovecraft ...

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