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Read More: Community Outreach Connects Brown CS Students To The Providence Area

Every year for decades, Brown CS has taught and inspired students in the greater Providence community through outreach to schools and summer programs. To learn more, click on these links:

Brown CS Alum's Charity Gives K-12 Teachers A Second Monitor To Help During COVID

Tellex's Outreach Inspires A High School Student To Study CS, Then Teach

Brown CS Supports Brown's First Feminist Conference For RI High School Students

Brown CS Brings An Hour Of Code To 130+ Kids

Brown University Hosts Northeast Robotics Colloquium (NERC), Delights Scientists, Industry, And Children

Students "Bootstrap" Algebra From Video Games

Gryte Satas Creates Opportunities For Girls To Code

Middle Schoolers get tour of Robotics Lab for Brown 250+ Celebrations

Artemis Alum Keeps Looking For Opportunities To Code

HCRI And RI Students Of The Future Present RI Robot Block Party, A Showcase Of Robots In Education, Research, Work, And Play

Brown CS Sponsors Afterschool Program To Teach Programming To Middle-School Children

Artemis 2013

Middle-schoolers are ready, ready, ready for programming adventure

Photo courtesy of Brown CS