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Read More: Brown CS Community Members Continue To Win Noteworthy Grants And Awards

Brown CS community members continue to win noteworthy grants and awards. To read more, click on these links:


Tim Kraska Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Early Career Research Achievement Award

Maurice Herlihy Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Research Innovation Award

Philip Klein Wins NSF Grant For Optimization In Planar Graphs And Beyond

Sorin Istrail Receives NSF Grant For Haplotype Reconstruction Algorithms

Ben Raphael and Eli Upfal Receive NSF Grant to Develop Techniques for Analysis of DNA Sequence Variants

Stan Zdonik and Ugur Cetintemel Receive NSF Grant to Develop Data Management System for Massive Scale Scientific Data

Sharp Labs Provides Grant to Andy van Dam and his Research Team

Eli Upfal Receives Faculty Research Grant from Yahoo! Research

Ben Raphael Awarded NIH Grant to Develop Computational Techniques to Study Structural Variation

Ben Raphael Awarded NSF CAREER Grant

Brown awarded $1.5M for new Big Data tools

Jeff Huang Wins NSF CRII Grant And Salomon Award

Philip Klein, Claire Mathieu and Ph.D. Alum Glencora Borradaile Receive NSF Grant to Develop New Algorithms for Solving Optimization Problems on Planar Networks

BU, Brown and UC Irvine receive $3 million NSF grant

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