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BDH Names Google And Microsoft The Top Two Employers Of Brown Graduates

For more stories on why Brown CS is so great, check out our Praise for Brown CS page here.

Brown CS alums continue to rank highly as industry pioneers. Click here for a list of related stories.

Prospects for Brown University graduates in the technology sector continue to be extremely positive: today's issue of ...

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When we asked Brown CS students why they're taking Jeff Huang's hugely popular CS 1300 User Interfaces class, some of the first things they cited were his expertise and approachability, the friendly TAs, and the extremely relevant course material. But getting to play a great vintage video game can't hurt, either.   

Jeff ...

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co-written with Linda Chang, Aaron Gokaslan, and Cliff Weitzman

Brown CS students continue to distinguish themselves at hackathons nationwide. To read more on this topic, click here.

At last week's HackMIT, which brought together more than 1,000 hackers from around the world to collaborate on new software and hardware projects, five Brown CS ...

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Startup@Brown (9/26-27) Brings Together Innovative Startups And Talented Students

Hosted by Brown University's Department of Computer Science and organized in collaboration with Hack@Brown and Brown Entrepreneurship, Startup@Brown is a weekend-long conference from September 26-27 that aims to bring together innovative startups and talented students.

Startup@Brown will include Talks (speakers include trailblazing founders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists), a Startup Fair (students ...

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Steve Wozniak Cites

In a recent Facebook post, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple and personal computer pioneer, referenced the renowned "SciLi Tetris" hack in which a fully functional game of Tetris was played with the Science Library as an interface

To read Steve's comment:

  1. Go here
  2. Under the comment from Evan Koblentz, click the "View more replies ...

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The Atlantic Interviews David Laidlaw On The Possibilities Of VR

Professor David Laidlaw of Brown University's Department of Computer Science has just been interviewed by Maria Konnikova of the Atlantic, who questioned prominent scientists, psychologists, engineers, and developers on the rapid changes occurring in virtual reality and the possibilities that the field offers. Alongside such colleagues as Henry Fuchs of the University of North ...

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Read More: The Growth Of CS At Brown

Since its founding in 1979, Brown University's Department of Computer Science has created a pioneering community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. To read more about the development of the department over the years, click on these links:

Watch Video From Celebrate With Andy: 50 Years Of CS At Brown

Celebrate With Andy: 50 ...

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Read More: The Yurt At Brown

The Yurt, Brown University's newest 3D virtual reality environment, launched in 2015 and has earned worldwide praise. To read more, click on these links:

From Medicine To Mars: Virtual Reality And The Future Of Data Visualization

Seeing The World In A New Way: Channing Gray Explores The Yurt

Brown Medicine Reports The Yurt To ...

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Read More: Brown CS Around The World

In addition to advancing the field at a local and national level, Brown CS community members have a global impact on education and research. To read more, click on these links:

Franco Preparata Will Be The Keynote Speaker At An Upcoming Collège De France Symposium

The Humans To Robots Lab Contributes To A New Exhibit ...

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Read More: Community Outreach Connects Brown CS Students To The Providence Area

Every year for decades, Brown CS has taught and inspired students in the greater Providence community through outreach to schools and summer programs. To learn more, click on these links:

Brown CS Alum's Charity Gives K-12 Teachers A Second Monitor To Help During COVID

Tellex's Outreach Inspires A High School Student To Study ...

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