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Read More: Brown CS Students Continue To Excel In Hackathons And Competitions

Brown CS students excel in hackathons and other competitions around the nation and have earned numerous accolades. To learn more, click the links below. (If you're looking for news about our students winning awards and fellowships, click here.)

Brown CS Undergrads Take Third At ACM's International Collegiate Programming Contest Regionals And Advance To ...

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Read More: Brown CS Community Members Continue To Win Noteworthy Grants And Awards

Brown CS community members continue to win noteworthy grants and awards. To read more, click on these links:


Tim Kraska Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Early Career Research Achievement Award

Maurice Herlihy Is The Winner Of The University-Wide Research Innovation Award

Philip Klein Wins NSF Grant For Optimization In Planar Graphs And Beyond

Sorin ...

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Read More: Brown CS Students Continue To Innovate

In Brown's spirit of "usefulness and reptutation", our CS students are leaders in innovation. To read more, click on these links:

Brown CS Launches A $10,000,000 Fundraising Campaign For An Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Endowment

Gryte Satas Creates Opportunities For Girls To Code

Outstanding Student Work, 2014: Flick, By Gabriel Fernandez

Genevieve Patterson ...

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MongoDB Intern Spotlight Features Benjamin Murphy '18

MongoDB's Intern Spotlight has just profiled Brown CS student Benjamin Murphy '18, one of the 34 students in their intern program in Engineering and Marketing, which was designed to "transform development and operations" for how the company runs applications.

The entire interview is available here.

Image is © 2015 by MongoDB.



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Ian Gonsher Featured In MAKE Magazine

Ian Gonsher, who currently co-teaches CSCI1951-C Designing Humanity Centered Robots with Michael Littman, has just been featured in MAKE magazine. Ian and Michael's course focuses on using iterative design to develop robots for solving tasks that help people, and it appears to have been at least a partial inspiration for the article. Using various ...

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