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Brown CS Continues Strong Levels Of VIS Participation


    As VIS 2015 (the premier combined conference for advances in visualization, co-located with the VAST, InfoVis, and SciVis conferences) arrives in Chicago this week, Brown University’s Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) continues its strong level of representation and participation, with a faculty member and a PhD candidate each contributing papers to two separate conferences. As of this writing, the Guo/Gomez/Ziemkiewicz/Laidlaw collaboration "A Case Study Using Visualization Interaction Logs and Insight Metrics to Understand How Analysts Arrive at Insights" has just received an Honorable Mention award.

    “As VIS has grown, our Graphics, Visualization, and Interaction group has grown with it,” says Professor David Laidlaw. “We’ve always had strong representation, and this year, we’re contributing our usual large volume of varied and intriguing research.” The full list of papers is below, with single asterisks indicating papers with Brown CS alum co-authors, and double asterisks indicating papers with Brown CS faculty members or current student co-authors:


    ** A Case Study Using Visualization Interaction Logs and Insight Metrics to Understand How Analysts Arrive at Insights

    Authors: Hua Guo, Steven Gomez, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, David Laidlaw 

    Characterizing Provenance in Visualization and Data Analysis: An Organizational Framework of Provenance Types and Purposes

    Authors: Eric Ragan, Alex Endert, Jian Chen, Jibonananda Sanyal

    FeatureInsight: Visual Support for Error-Driven Feature Ideation in Text Classification

    Authors: Michael Brooks, Saleema Amershi, Bongshin Lee, Steven Drucker, Ashish Kapoor, Patrice Simard 

    Four Considerations for Supporting Visual Analysis in Display Ecologies

    Authors: Haeyong Chung, Sarang Joshi, Chris North, Jian Chen 


    Improving Bayesian Reasoning: The Effects of Phrasing, Visualization, and Spatial Ability

    Authors: Alvitta Ottley, Evan M. Peck, Lane T. Harrison, Daniel Afergan, Caroline Ziemkiewicz, Holly A. Taylor, Paul K. J. Han, Remco Chang 


    ** A Classification of User Tasks in Visual Analysis of Volume Data

    Authors: Bireswar Laha, Doug Bowman, David Laidlaw, John Socha

    Visualization-by-Sketching: An Artist’s Interface for Creating Multivariate Time-Varying Data

    Authors: David Schroeder, Daniel Keefe


    ** Representing Uncertainty in Graph Edges: An Evaluation of Paired Visual Variables 

    Authors: Hua Guo, Jeff Huang, David H. Laidlaw
    ** BitConeView: Visualization of Flows in the Bitcoin Transaction Graph
    Authors: Giuseppe Di Battista, Valentino Di Donato, Maurizio Patrignani, Maurizio Pizzonia, Vincenzo Roselli, and Roberto Tamassia
    "There’s a love of interdisciplinary work here at Brown CS and in our Graphics, Visualization, and Interaction group," David says, "and a lot of the success we’re seeing now just comes out of Andy’s and my toolsmithing, our sense of craftsmanship. We wanted the best people around us as we make great tools that scientists will use, and we still do."