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Nov. 9, 2015 - Nov. 15, 2015

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Crain's reports today that Brown CS alum Michael Horn '97 has just won a $400,000 National Science Foundation grant for a project that uses songs, games, and storybooks to bring computer science education into environments where children are likely not expecting to learn programming, such as museums and homes.

"We discovered," he says ...

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BDH Reports On Rising CS Enrollment, Unique Apps Created By CS Students

To read more stories about the Brown CS department's increasing enrollment click here.

Want to find food, collaborate on a song, or send secure, anonymous messages? There's a Brown CS-developed app for that. Today's issue of the Brown Daily Herald notes soaring Brown CS enrollment (over the last five years, our ...

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Two Brown CS Teams Win CyberSEED Prizes

Brown CS students continue to distinguish themselves at hackathons nationwide. To read more on this topic, click here.

Recently, two teams from Brown University’s Department of Computer Science extended Brown’s reputation for cybersecurity excellence in a competition at the University of Connecticut, winning prizes for the second consecutive year. CyberSEED features competitive cybersecurity ...

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Media coverage of robotics tends to be a bit one-sided, and we've been flooded with images of robots that perform effortlessly because they've been designed and trained for a specific task: cleaning a floor, kicking a basketball, even running like a dog. The idea that a brand new, cutting-edge robot would have trouble ...

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Erik Sudderth And Collaborators Contribute To Geoscience With An Algorithm That Helps Predict Landslides

Following shortly after his recent contributions to seismic monitoring and nuclear non-prolifereation, Professor Erik Sudderth of Brown University's Department of Computer Science and his collaborators have developed graph algorithms that use remote sensing data to predict where landslides are most likely to occur. Their work was published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth ...

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"My biggest concern at the moment," Brown CS Professor Michael Littman says, "is that we as a society find a way of valuing people not just for the work they do." He was recently featured alongside other colleagues in an MSN article on job automation, and his response steps outside the usual questions of processor ...

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Buzzfeed Puts Brown In The Top 25 Most Beautiful College Campuses Worldwide

We are immensely proud to be part of Brown. For more articles on our parent university check out our Praise for Brown page here.

From Australia to Africa to North America, only 25 colleges made Buzzfeed's list of the most beautiful campuses in the world, and Brown University was one of them. Sorry, MIT ...

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