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Dec. 21, 2015 - Dec. 27, 2015

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Waterplacepark.jpg For more stories on why we love calling Providence home, check out our Praise for Providence page here.

Our hometown, Providence, RI has just been listed as one of the best cities to found a startup.

According to DataFox, the key to Providence’s success is specializing around existing strengths such as art, music ...

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In addition to advancing the field at a local and national level, Brown CS community members have a global impact on education and research. For more articles on Brown CS around the world click here.

The second World Internet Conference, organized by Chinese officials to discuss Internet issues and policy, was held this year in ...

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For more CS News and CS Blog articles about the Yurt, please click here.

"It’s a whole new world at Brown," writes Jenny Currier of Motif after visiting the Yurt, "a virtual world ready to be utilized by inquiring minds. Anyone who can benefit from such technology is encouraged to get in touch, get ...

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The latest issue of Brown Alumni Monthly shares the story of Brown CS alum Scott Anderson, an Oscar winner, computer graphics animator, visual effects supervisor, special effects director, screenwriter, producer, and short film director. He has gone back and forth between lower-budget independent films and big-name studios and created the company Digital Sandbox to make ...

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