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SignMeUp Helps The Issue Of Long Lines During TA Hours

SignMeUp was originally created by Brown CS students Dhruv Rawat, Anamta Farook, and Mohsan Elahi as part of a cs132 project. Brown CS student, Atty Eleti, has since continued to improve and maintain SignMeup. This webapp allows teaching assistants to post their office hours, and students can then sign up for them and …

CSCI 1951 Students Showcase Smart Mirrors, Haptic Blankets, Robots, And Other Humanity-Centered Technology


"We'll soon live in a world," says Professor Ian Gonsher, "if we don’t already, that's saturated with a dazzling array of interconnected, automatic things. This semester, my students in CSCI 1951C Designing Humanity Centered Robots explored how these emerging technologies might impact our lives in the near future as they designed, discussed, …

RI Robot Block Party Returns On April 30


The robots return! Rhode Island Robot Block Party will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Pizzitola Sports Center (235 Hope Street).Rhode Island Robot Block Party, an expo founded by the Rhode Island Students of the Future in partnership with the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative …

Vasileios Kemerlis Develops "Shuffler" To Prevent Cyber-Attacks By Continuously Rearranging Code


It's hard to launch an effective cyber-attack if you don't know the exact location of the vulnerable code you're trying to exploit.Assistant Professor Vasileios Kemerlis of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS), working with lead author David Williams-King and other colleagues from Columbia University and the University of …

John Savage Delivers Remarks On "Cyberspace As A Medium" At The Third World Internet Conference


Days after a trip to Vietnam, where he discussed building cyber resilience to protect scientifict development with the President of Vietnam and the country's cybersecurity experts, Professor John Savage of Brown University's Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) has traveled to Wuzhen, China, where he spoke at the third World Internet Conference.The World Internet Conference, …