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Michael Littman Comments On Google’s AlphaGo Program In TechCrunch


    "What we're finding is that any kind of computational challenge that is sufficiently well defined, we can build a machine that can do better. We can build machines that are optimized to that one task, and people are not optimized to one task,” says professor Michael Littman of Brown University’s Department of Computer Science regarding Google’s Alpha Go program, which is designed to master the ancient Chinese boardgame "Go".

    Michael was interviewed by TechCrunch to provide his thoughts about the importance of the AlphaGo program as a milestone in artificial intelligence. He says the same technology used in the program could potentially be applied to self-driving cars and problem-solving searches.

    Read the full article here.

    Michael has been sought out on several other occasions as an authority on artificial intelligence, and also recently starred in a commercial for TurboTax. For links to these articles, see below.

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