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Brown CS Student Youn Kim Is Awarded A Presidential Fellowship At MIT


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    Brown CS student Youn Kim will be joining MIT’s graduate program as a member of the Society of Presidential Fellows. This prestigious program recruits the most outstanding students worldwide to pursue graduate studies at the Institute.

    Youn found the interdisciplinary nature of Brown’s CS program to be essential in helping him find his passion for Computational Biology.  In addition, the support system of professors and mentors encouraged him during the process of applying to graduate school. “Professor Sorin Istrail has been my research mentor for well over a year now, and I'm not sure I would have made it this far without him. Early last fall, when the topic of applying to graduate programs came up, I expressed a lot of self doubt - but he wouldn't hear any of it. It was really encouraging to have someone cheer me on, as he does for all of his students.”

     “I'm very excited by the prospect of being surrounded by hard-working, intelligent peers from all kinds of disciplines,” says Youn about attending graduate school. “I've always wanted to serve as a 'bridge' between different domains of knowledge: there's a lot of really cool mathematical ideas out there, ones that might change our world for the better. It's going to be a difficult journey, but I think it'll be a lot of fun.” 

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