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Bootstrap Sells Out Its June 27-29 CS4RI Workshop

Bootstrap is a computer science literacy curriculum used worldwide by 10,000 students whose founders include two Brown CS faculty members, Kathi Fisler (adjunct) and Shriram Krishnamurthi. Recently cited by the White House for its efforts to improve the inclusiveness, accessibility, and reach of computer science education, it continues to expand globally, nationally, and within its home state, most recently as part of Governor Gina Raimondo's CS4RI program. Developed in response to President Obama's landmark Computer Science For All initiative, which calls for CS educational funding for all students nationwide, CS4RI is designed to bring computer science to every school in Rhode Island by 2018. 

Bootstrap is one of the two most popular programs that CS4RI offers to teachers. Next week, as part of CS4RI, Bootstrap is looking forward to a fully-attended workshop on June 27-29.  Teachers from every public middle school and high school were eligible to participate, and more than forty enrolled, causing the event to sell out.