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Stefanie Tellex Was A Featured Speaker At MIT’s EmTech Conference

    Brown CS professor Stefanie Tellex was one of the featured speakers at MIT’s recent EmTech conference. MIT’s annual conference highlights invention and new developments in engineering and technology. Stefanie spoke about her work creating robots that can talk to each other and teach each other, which was deemed one of the ten most important technologies of 2016.

    “It is really important to create robots that can help us. That can carry out complex tasks in real-world, human environments,” says Stefanie during her talk. “The problem is human environments are complex.”   

    To learn more about how Stefanie is working to fix this problem, watch the rest of her talk here.

    To see Baxter the robot in action, check out this short video.

    For more information, click the link that follows to contact Brown CS Communications Outreach Specialist Jesse C. Polhemus