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Discover, Opening 5/12: Showcasing Remarkable Interdisciplinary Work To Enable New Collaboration


    by Eric Metcalf, Brown CS PhD Student

    In many different cases, groundbreaking ideas have come out of collaboration. Often, though, it is difficult to find somebody to work with. To showcase remarkable interdisciplinary work in the hope that students will seek out new collaborations, my partners and I have created Discover, an interdisciplinary project that explores the relationship between art and science.

    Discover brings together people who have similar interests but extremely different backgrounds in order to introduce new perspective. For example, when we paired a solids mechanic researcher studying a natural glass formation with an artist who specializes in glass, they explored how similar but different their views on the materials were. The researcher even took the work of the artist to confirm the suspicion that she had made glass formations less than 5 microns thick. Discover was created through a recognition that graduate students and art students alike can often be so focused in their individual disciplines that they are limited in their scope of conversation outside their fields, and do not know about the inherent collaborations possible. 

    The project consists of 13 pairs of students, one from RISD focused in arts and one from Brown Graduate School focused in the sciences. The show is an investigation into the many ways these two fields can inform and challenge each other. Through conversation and creation, we expand the capabilities of each field to communicate something new.

    Discover will culminate in a gallery exhibit at Fri-Ends @ 65 Washington Street. The show opens May 12th from 6:30 - 9:00 pm. During the exhibition, we will also be hosting a casual panel discussion with some of the artists to talk about their processes and experience.

    For more information about the show and artists, check out the event page:<wbr/>s/1897404530541855/

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