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Archive – July 2017

Bootstrap Takes The Spotlight At A National Week Of Professional Development For K-12 Teachers


Click the links that follow for more Brown CS content about Bootstrap, Kathi Fisler, and Shriram Krishnamurthi.July 16-21 is CSPdWeek, five days aimed at providing much-needed professional development for America's growing CS Educator Community, and Bootstrap (a CS literacy curriculum used worldwide that's directed by Kathi Fisler, Shriram Krishnamurthi, and Emmanuel Schanzer of Brown CS) is …

The Second Societal Implications Of Robotics Symposium Was A Success

Click the links that follow for more content on artificial intelligence (AI) research at Brown CS, and the Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative (HCRI)The Societal Implications of Robotics Symposium 2, sponsored by Brown’s Humanity Centered Robotics Initiative, is a unique day-long event featuring presentations and panels by more than 20 experts. The symposium highlights the …