Bootstrap Takes The Spotlight At A National Week Of Professional Development For K-12 Teachers


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    July 16-21 is CSPdWeek, five days aimed at providing much-needed professional development for America's growing CS Educator Community, and Bootstrap (a CS literacy curriculum used worldwide that's directed by Kathi FislerShriram Krishnamurthi, and Emmanuel Schanzer of Brown CS) is playing a key role. Led by Emmanuel, CSPdWeek is sponsored by the Infosys Foundation USA, with support from the National Science Foundation, the National Center for Women and IT, and the Computer Science Teachers Association.

    Bootstrap was chosen as one of only four programs available to attendees, and distinguishes itself from the others in its integration with existing math and science classes, scalability, and inclusion of a curriculum devoted to the rapidly-growing field of data science. Now in its twelfth year, Bootstrap has emerged as a global player in the field of K-12 CS education, developing a first-of-its-kind approach to teach modeling in physics, regularly updating even its newest curricula, and earning praise from the White House and the United States CTO

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