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Brown CS UTAs Start The Semester With A Dodgeball Tournament

    At Brown CS, the undergraduate teaching assistant (UTA) program is unlike any other. It employs more than 400 undergraduates each semester, and each of these students is given the chance to effect change, working closely with the professor, other UTAs, and other students. 


    Last month, when this semester's UTAs returned to campus for TA Camp, which helps prepare them for their work ahead, the Meta TAs who supervise the program held a dodgeball tournament. More than 100 UTAs took part. 


    "It was a really fun way to give the UTAs an opportunity to get some energy out while working hard during camp!" says Meta TA Tyler Gurth, "I think the competition demonstratres a lot of the energy, positivity, and fun in the UTA program." 

    At the end of the tournament, the staff of CSCI 0220 Discrete Structures and Probability was declared the winners.

    For more information, click the link that follows to contact Brown CS Communications Outreach Specialist Jesse C. Polhemus.