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Outstanding Student Work, 2014: Flick, By Gabriel Fernandez

As a department, how do we evaluate our success? Continued innovation from our students means that we've aimed courses at the field's best opportunities, then taught them with real devotion to our craft. Together, that enables students to produce work that advances the state of the art.

In this series, we'll showcase some of the outstanding student work of 2014:

designed by Gabriel Fernandez
for CS 1300: Designing, Developing and Evaluating User Interfaces
taught by Jeff Huang
for Brown CS

Gabriel describes his project by saying:

"An application that runs on top of every other app on your Mac desktop, Flick answers the question of what a mouse without physical buttons would look like. It follows your mouse around, listening to all movement events. Once it has determined that some specific gesture has been made, it fires a click event that other applications, or even the OS, will capture."

For a better understanding of how this works, look at the project's repo here: https://github.com/circuitlego/flick. Gabriel also notes that Flick currently supports the most used mouse operations: Click, Double Click, Right Click, and Drag. You can watch a video of Flick being used here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LWpx5TRWjg.