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Alex Tarvo Wins ACM Student Research Competition Award

Brown University Department of Computer Science (BrownCS) alumnus Alex Tarvo PhD ’14 has just won the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)’s Student Research Competition Award for his research into predicting the performance of multi-threaded programs. He’s the second Brown CS recipient of the honor (Dan Keefe won in 2005 at ACM’s SIGGRAPH ...

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Genevieve Patterson Helps Organize LDV Vision Summit, Sees Opportunity For Undergrads

Brown University Department of Computer Science (Brown CS) PhD student Genevieve Patterson has just helped organize the LDV Vision Summit, a start-up conference held in New York City to address trends and technologies in digital imaging and video technology. Founded by Evan Nisselson of LDV Capital, an investment group interested in technology-focused projects across the ...

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Imagine a first-year computer science concentrator (let’s call him Luis) e-mailing friends and family back home after a few weeks with Brown Computer Science (BrownCS). Everything he expected to be challenging is even tougher than anticipated: generative recursion, writing specifications instead of implementations, learning how to test his code instead of just writing it ...

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Timothy Edgar Comments On The Search For Better Privacy Technology In The Wall Street Journal

Timothy Edgar, a Visiting Fellow at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies, has just written an article (“One Year After First Snowden Report, Search for Better Privacy Tech Continues”) published today in the Wall Street Journal’s CIO Journal (subscription required).

Formerly the first director of privacy and civil liberties for the White ...

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Michael Littman’s CS Music Videos Go Viral, Receive 50,000+ Views

“So awesome!” writes one enthusiastic YouTube commenter.

“Way too much fun for machine learning,” adds another.

For the past several years, Brown University Department of Computer Science professor Michael Littman has been extending a family tradition of writing spoof songs by making music videos to reinforce concepts taught in his classes.

“I was always a ...

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John Savage Chosen For “Digital Life In 2025” Survey

Brown University Department of Computer Science (BrownCS) professor John Savage has been chosen as one of the “Internet experts and highly engaged netizens” who participated in the recent “Digital Life in 2025” survey. Conducted by Pew Research and the Imagining the Internet Center, it poses questions about the impact of the Internet in the next ...

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Tupleware: Redefining Modern Analytics

Up until a decade ago, most companies sufficed with simple statistics and offline reporting, relying on traditional database management systems (DBMSs) to meet their basic business intelligence needs. This model prevailed in a time when data was small and analysis was simple.

But data has gone from being scarce to superabundant, and now companies want ...

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Chad Jenkins Speaks At World Science Festival

by Kevin Stacey (Science News Officer, Physical Sciences)

Chad Jenkins remembers the day when he knew he wanted to be a computer scientist.

It was December 25, 1981. At the age of 7, Jenkins woke up Christmas morning to find an Atari 2600 video game console and a Space Invaders game cartridge. That started an ...

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Students, Faculty, And Friends Honor Roberto Tamassia

Students, faculty, and friends honored Roberto Tamassia for his service as BrownCS Department Chair at a special TGIF on May 9 and a dinner on May 27. At the two events, Roberto looked back on his seven-year term; thanked Brown and BrownCS students, faculty, and staff; and congratulated his successor, professor Ugur Cetintemel. Roberto's ...

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Matteo Riondato Wins SDM 2014 Best Student Poster Award

Just weeks after a successful thesis defense, Brown University Computer Science (BrownCS) graduate Matteo Riondato PhD ’14 has just won the Best Student Poster award at the 2014 SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) International Conference on Data Mining (SDM).

“I was amazed,” he comments. “It’s a wonderful conclusion to my past five ...

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