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Brown News Investigates The Yurt's Advantages For Scientific And Artistic Exploration


    The Yurt, Brown University's newest 3D virtual reality environment, launched in 2015 and has earned worldwide praise. To read more articles on the Yurt, click here.

    When the next rover lands safely on Mars, we may owe some of our gratitude to Brown University's newest 3D virtual reality environment. Barely halfway into its first year of operation, the Yurt is already breaking new ground. Kevin Stacey of Brown News has just reported on how the "ultimate virtual reality display" is taking geologists to Mars, placing artists and writers inside their work, unraveling the mysteries of dinosaur footprints, and letting biologists and physicians tour the human heart. 

    The full article (including a video) is available here.

    For more information, please click the link that follows to contact Brown CS Communcations Outreach Specialist Jesse C. Polhemus. The image above, by Ken Ramsley, is © 2015 by Brown University and used with permission.