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Read More: The Yurt At Brown

The Yurt, Brown University's newest 3D virtual reality environment, launched in 2015 and has earned worldwide praise. To read more, click on these links:

From Medicine To Mars: Virtual Reality And The Future Of Data Visualization

Seeing The World In A New Way: Channing Gray Explores The Yurt

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A Brown University Undergraduate Uses The Yurt To More Intuitively Visualize Developmental Biology

Tom Sgouros Brings The Yurt To Life For GPU Technology Conference Attendees

National Science Foundation Director Visits Brown

The NYT Steps Into Virtual Reality And Finds The Yurt "Inspiring"

"A Virtual World Ready To Be Utilized," Motif Magazine Raves About The Yurt

Brown Daily Herald Takes Readers Into "Another World" Inside The Yurt

Brown News Investigates The Yurt's Advantages For Scientific And Artistic Exploration

"The Future Of Virtual Reality Has Arrived," Providence's East Side Monthly Raves About The Yurt

"Dazzling": The Boston Globe Attends The Yurt's Launch And Inaugural Symposium

VRFocus Praises The Yurt's "Boundless" Potential

Digital Den Cites Brown CS As A "Well Recognized" VR Leader

Brown's Cave And Yurt Featured In RI NSF EPSCoR Magazine

Learn About Yurt Optical Tracking Innovation In An 80-Second Video

Visualization And Creativity In Immersive 3D Environments -- From Cave To YURT: May 20-21, 2015


Photo courtesy of Brown CS