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Maurice Herlihy Remembers His Teenage Work In Digital Humanities With His Pioneering Father, David Herlihy


Brown CS faculty member Maurice Herlihy is widely known for his work in practical and theoretical aspects of concurrent and distributed systems, but readers may be less familiar with one of his earliest research efforts. As a teenager, he traveled to Florence, Italy, where he helped his father, David Herlihy, on a project where he created punch cards based on data in the Florentine castato, or land registration system. 

Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Lisa Gelobter Focuses Her Career On Technology For Equitable Workplaces And “Doing Good”


A member of Brown CS (entered class of 1991, graduated class of 2011), Lisa Gelobter is the CEO and the founder of a tech startup called tEQuitable that uses technology to make workplaces more equitable. tEQuitable’s mission is to help companies create a safe, inclusive and equitable workplace. They provide a confidential sounding board for employees to address and resolve interpersonal conflict, specializing in micro-aggressions and micro-inequities, and they provide data and insights to companies to identify and improve systemic workplace culture issues.

John Hughes Ranks In The Top 0.21% Of Stack Exchange’s Math Users


Stack Exchange is a network of question-and-answer websites on subjects in diverse fields, with each site covering a specific topic where users’ questions and answers are input into an online reputation award process. Stack Exchange website areas include knitting, electronics, and especially programming, and users are able to upvote questions and answers that feel relevant and right for them. Brown CS faculty member John Hughes was recently ranked in the top 0.21% of Stack Exchange users in the Mathematics stack exchange for his reputation in answering questions posted online.


Diverse Career Paths: Jonah Kagan Discusses Meaningful Impact Through CS


A member of the Brown CS class of 2013, Jonah Kagan is a software engineer at VotingWorks, a small nonprofit organization dedicated to building reliable, open-source election technology like voting machines, ballot scanners, and election-auditing software. When asked about the skills he uses for his career, Kagan explained that the knowledge learned in his very first computer science class, CSCI 0190 Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science, has helped him in his day-to-day life.

Alum Adventures: Atty Eleti Talks About Learning By Building At OpenAI


A member of the Brown CS class of 2017, Atty Eleti spent his time at Brown University organizing various hackathons for Hack@Brown, in the Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (UTA) mentorship program for computer science courses discussing topics such as distributed systems and discrete mathematics, and in the International Mentoring Program helping international students become acclimatized to the university’s community. Atty also augmented his CS degree with Brown’s curriculum and took graphic design courses at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).