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Exploring The Rise Of The Metaverse: Final Projects From Brown's CSCI 1951C Designing Humanity Centered Robots


This past Fall, 2021 semester in CSCI 1951C Designing Humanity Centered Robots, students explored how emerging technologies might shape our lives in the near future. They did this through designing and building working prototypes that explore the “how” and “why” of new technologies. The class is taught by Ian Gonsher, Assistant Professor of the Practice in the School of Engineering and Department of Computer Science at Brown University. His course attempts to foster a creative, collaborative environment for students that allows for the development of working prototypes that integrate both hardware and software.

Brown CS Alum Jina Yoon Receives An NSF CSGrad4US Fellowship


Brown CS alum Jina Yoon has had an accomplished career thus far and continues to succeed and grow in the tech industry. One of her recent honors is being awarded the Computer and Information Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship 2021. This NSF CSGrad4US fellowship aims to increase the number of diverse, domestic graduate students pursuing careers in the fields of computer science, computer engineering, or information science. More specifically, CSGrad4US offers an opportunity for bachelor degree holders who are working in industry, like Jina, to return to academia and pursue research-based doctoral degrees. The fellowship is a two year-long preparation …

Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Eleanor Tursman's Fellowship Integrates Tech Into Policy


Just because someone graduates with a Computer Science degree doesn’t mean they’re destined for a life of programming, with little input on the government policies that might affect their work. TechCongress, a unique program that enables technologists to advise Members of Congress on technology policy, is just one example of the many unique opportunities there are for CS graduates. Brown CS alum Eleanor Tursman was a “CS graduate student that didn’t like to code”. TechCongress has given her the opportunity to apply her knowledge to something she feels could make a huge difference.  

Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Jemma Issroff Works On Ruby And Strives For Ethical Impact


"One huge highlight of my work is the effect and impact my projects have had on others,” says Brown CS alum Jemma Issroff, whose career path has allowed her to work on a wide variety of projects as podcast host, author, and backend software developer. She’s an excellent example of someone who’s able to work on highly technical challenges while still having an effect on the communities that matter to her. After several different experiences as a programmer, Jemma has found a home at Shopify, doing work that she feels has a true impact on users.  

Brown CS Alum Irv Lustig Has Been Named An INFORMS Fellow


Irv Lustig ‘83 P’13, a Brown CS alum, has been named one of twelve 2021 INFORMS Fellows, an acknowledgement of a lifetime of achievement. INFORMS Fellows are examples of significant contributors in operations research and the management sciences, and Irv’s award comes from having demonstrated exceptional accomplishments as both an academic and in the optimization software industry. Irv has also contributed via service to the profession by volunteering on numerous INFORMS committees, including starting a project to do oral history interviews of luminaries in operations research. As many of Irv's INFORMS colleagues have written, Irv’s recognition was long overdue.