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    In addition to advancing the field at a local and national level, Brown CS community members have a global impact on education and research. To read more, click on these links:

    Franco Preparata Will Be The Keynote Speaker At An Upcoming Collège De France Symposium

    The Humans To Robots Lab Contributes To A New Exhibit At London's Science Museum

    Shriram Krishnamurthi Will Receive An Honorary Doctorate From Università Della Svizzera Italiana

    Foreign Policy Magazine Names Tellex And Oberlin 2016 Global Thinkers

    John Savage Delivers Remarks On "Cyberspace As A Medium" At The Third World Internet Conference

    John Savage Meets With Vietnam’s President And Thought Leaders To Improve The Country’s Cybersecurity

    Esha Ghosh And Tarik Moataz Have Been Chosen For The 2017 IEEE Security And Privacy Student Program Committee

    Tim Edgar Talks With TIME About The Recent Widespread Internet Infrastructure Attacks

    John Savage Joins Boston Global Forum's Board Of Thinkers And Works To Combat Cyberattacks In Vietnam

    Seny Kamara Has Been Chosen As A Boston Global Forum Dukakis Fellow

    Tim Edgar Speaks Out On Behalf Of A Presidential Pardon For Edward Snowden

    Tim Edgar Travels To Germany To Testify In The Snowden Inquiry

    Congressional Quarterly Roll Call Documents John Savage's Contribution To A Historic International Cybersecurity Agreement

    Student’s Senior Thesis Becomes Gates Foundation-Funded Project

    TAG (Touch Art Gallery): Student And Community Education With A Worldwide Impact

    John Savage's Recommendations For Securing Cyberspace Have Been Presented To The Japanese Government For The Upcoming G7 Summit

    New Opportunities In CS: An SMS-Based Commodity Exchange In Ghana

    The Atlantic Features Brown CS Alum Lyla Fujiwara's Use Of CS In The Peace Corps

    Encryption Can't Make 2+2=5, Says Anna Lysyanskaya In Le Nouvel Observateur

    Timothy Edgar Proposes A Review Of Europe's Counterterrorism Policies

    John Savage Is Awarded A New Patent And Travels To The Munich Security Conference

    John Savage's Participation At The World Internet Conference's Wuzhen Summit Airs On Chinese Television

    John Hughes Delivers An Invited Lecture At The Collège De France

    Brown CS Finds A Unique Way To Celebrate Impressive Heidelberg Laureate Forum Representation

    Brown CS And CCMB To Enjoy Record Participation At ISMB 2014

    Anna Lysyanskaya Offers Ukraine Commentary On WPRI

    Pascal Van Hentenryck Receives Docteur Honoris Causa from l'Universite de Nantes

    Brown University and National University of Singapore Launch Second Concurrent Degree Program

    Photo by LPLT / Wikimedia Commons