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Read More: Brown CS Alums Continue To Innovate And Pioneer


    Brown CS alums continue to earn praise as successful innovators and industry pioneers. Click these links to learn more:

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Peter Revesz Deciphers The Inscription On An Ancient Sphinx

    Brown CS Earns Four Honors, Including First And Second Place, At The Brown Venture Prize Entrepreneurship Competition

    Brown University Master Of Science In Cybersecurity Alum Bill Marino Is A Fulbright Finalist

    Brown CS Student Artem Agvanian And Alum Hannah Gross Earn First And Second Place SOSP Student Research Honors

    A Guided Tour Of The Brown CS Digital Archive

    Michael Littman's New Book Recommends That We "Code To Joy" In A New Age Of Programming

    Michael Littman Receives The AAAI/EAAI Patrick Henry Winston Outstanding Educator Award

    13 Of 88 Papers In Volume 2 Of SIGGRAPH's "Seminal Graphics Papers" Are By Brown CS Faculty, Students, And Alums

    Brown CS Alum John Stasko Receives An IEEE VGTC Lifetime Achievement Award

    Philip Klein And Brown CS Alums Receive The 2023 STOC Test Of Time Award

    Brown CS Alum Atul Butte Has Been Named An AAAS Fellow

    Look Where Our 2023 Graduates Are Headed!

    Brown CS Alum Ani Kristo And Collaborators Are 2022 Sort Benchmark Winners

    Brown CS Alum Nick Leiserson Has Been Named The White House’s Assistant National Cyber Director For Cyber Policy And Programs

    Seny Kamara And Charalampos Papamanthou Win The 2022 CCS Test-Of-Time Award

    Laidlaw, van Dam, And Two Brown CS Alums Win An IEEE CG&A Test Of Time Paper Award

    Diverse Career Paths: How Brown CS Alum Edwina Rissland Has Melded Math, CS, And Law

    Honored With Endowed Professorships In His Name, Brown CS Alum Ed Lazowska Reflects On His Time At Brown

    Brown CS Alum Danfeng Yao Has Been Named An IEEE Fellow

    Brown CS Alums Steven Shi And Alyssa Cantu Receive NSF CSGrad4US Fellowships

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Tatyana Dyshlova Talks Starting Companies, Building Games

    Brown CS Adopts Software Created By Alum Gaurav Manek To Improve PhD Visit Logistics

    Brown CS Graduates Build An Online Learning Community For URM Students

    Kamara, Moataz, And MongoDB's "Queryable Encryption" Lets Data Stay Protected During Search

    Five Brown CS Students And Alums Receive NSF Graduate Resesarch Fellowships

    Three Brown CS Alums Join FASPE's 2022 Design And Technology Program

    Brown CS Adopts Software Created By Alum Gaurav Manek To Improve PhD Visit Logistics

    Brown CS Alum David Abel Is A Joint AAAI/ACM SIGAI Doctoral Dissertation Award Runner-Up

    Brown CS Alum Guillaume Marceau And Professors Fisler And Krishnamurthi Win The Onward! 2011 Most Notable Paper Award

    Brown CS Alum Jina Yoon Receives An NSF CSGrad4US Fellowship

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Eleanor Tursman's Fellowship Integrates Tech Into Policy

    Brown CS Alum Irv Lustig Has Been Named An INFORMS Fellow

    A Brown CS Team Takes Third Place At The Thirteenth AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition

    Brown CS Alum Scott A. Smolka Wins The 2021 Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize In Distributed Computing, Founded By Brown CS Alum Guan Wang, Is Named A World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

    Alum Dr. Barbara Gershon Ryder (Brown 1969) Wins NCWIT's Harrold And Notkin Research And Graduate Mentoring Award

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Sky Adams Aims To Increase Diversity In K-12 CS

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Sharon Lo Ponders How Products Can Harm Society

    Alum Entrepreneurs: Geneviève Patterson Brings AI-Powered Video Editing To Millions

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Karen Smith Catlin Helps Build Better Allies

    Diverse Career Paths: Brown CS Alum Morgan McGuire Makes An Impact In Academia And Industry

    Brown CS Alum Mneera Abdullah Saud Is A 2021 Rhodes Scholar

    Brown CS Alum's Charity Gives K-12 Teachers A Second Monitor To Help During COVID

    Brown CS Alums And Adjunct Faculty Win The Longuet-Higgins Prize And The PAMI Young Researcher Award

    Brown CS Students, Faculty, And Alums Publish Seven Papers At SIGMOD 2020

    Brown CS Alum Jacob Beck Creates Aggregated Memory For Reinforcement Learning

    Brown CS Faculty And Alums Win Facebook Privacy Research Awards

    Brown CS Alum Thomas Dickerson Helps Replicate Brown In Minecraft For Virtual Visitors

    Brown CS Alum Feng-Hao Liu Wins An NSF CAREER Award

    New Research May Help Bring About Significant Blockchain Speedups

    Krishnamurthi And Multiple Alums Win An OOPSLA Most Influential Paper Award For Flapjax

    Brown CS Alum Evan Wallace Has Been Named An INC 2019 Rising Star

    Brown CS Alum Victoria Chávez ‘18 Makes An Impact On The Rhode Island Community

    Brown CS Alum danah boyd Wins An Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award

    Alum Aimee Lucido Publishes A Young Adult Novel About Her Two Loves: Coding And Writing

    Robert Sedgewick, Brown Alum And Former Faculty Member, Wins ACM's Outstanding Educator Award

    Alum Adventures: Brown CS Alums David Simons, Daniel Wilk, And Michael Natkin Have Won An Academy Award For Work On Adobe After Effects

    Brown CS Master's Alum Prabhat Breaks The Exaflop Barrier And Wins ACM's Gordon Bell Prize

    Servan-Schreiber, Riondato, And Zgraggen Have Been Named Runners-Up For ICDM's Best Student Paper Award

    danah boyd Has Been Named Among Forbes Top 50 Women In Tech

    Mentor Alum: Deb Mills-Scofield Inspires And Empowers Brown Students

    PhD Alum Jonathan Mace Earns Honorable Mention For The Dennis M. Ritchie Doctoral Dissertation Award

    Shriram Krishnamurthi And Collaborators Have Won The SIGPLAN Software Award For Work On Racket

    Alum Adventures: Harry Li Helps The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Improve K-12 Education

    Alum Adventures: Andrew Ayer Keeps Certificate Authorities Honest With Certificate Transparency

    Brown CS Alum James Hendler Has Been Honored By The Association Of Moving Image Archivists

    Brown CS Alum Aimee Lucido Speaks Out About Industry Sexism

    Pedro Felzenszwalb And Alum David Blei Talk About AI With The ACM

    Alum Sarah Sachs Tackles Impostor Syndrome With A Little Help From Michelle Obama

    Brown CS Alum Hoon Ik Chang Has Been Named A 2017 Schwarzman Scholar

    Brown CS PhD Alums Continue To Impress Us With Their Various Accomplishments

    Brown CS Alum Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP Of Advertising And Commerce At Google, Receives The Horace Mann Medal

    The Atlantic Features Brown CS Alum Lyla Fujiwara's Use Of CS In The Peace Corps

    Brown Alumni Magazine Features CS Alum Scott Anderson

    TechCrunch Features Former Student Dylan Field's Design Collaboration Tool, Figma

    Brown CS Alum Jack Stankovic Receives University Of Virginia's Distinguished Scientist Award

    Brown CS Alum Michael Horn '97 Wins An NSF Grant To Bring Programming To Museums And Homes

    "I Learned A Different Definition Of Success": Peter Norvig '78 Remembers Studying CS At Brown

    Brown Ranks #8 For Graduating Female Founders Of VC-Funded Companies

    LinkedIn Rates Brown CS #1 For Launching Graduates Into Successful Software Development Careers

    Brown Rated #3 In USA For Software Developers At Startups

     Alum Adventures: Brown CS Alums David Simons, Daniel Wilk, And Michael Natkin Have Won An Academy Award For Work On Adobe After Effects

    danah boyd Has Been Named Among Forbes Top 50 Women In Tech

    Brown CS Alums Jacob Beck And Zoe Papakipos Have Been Published In New Scientist For Work On Autonomous Driving

    Brown CS Alum Victoria Chávez ‘18 Makes An Impact On The Rhode Island Community